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Because we’re all prodigals. We have each wandered away from our Creator enamored by junk. Whether, like me, you’ve enthusiastically leapt into the darkness in hot pursuit of worldly junk, you’ve let your own emotions lead you into a seemingly endless labyrinth of personal junk, or you’ve been sucked into the quicksand of well-intended, but grace-smothering, church junk - you’ve been there; and if you stay on this side of the grass long, you’ll be there again, finding your joy depleted by junk.

7 Prodigals explores questions and concerns beneath the questions and concerns, searching Scripture for answers, and mapping our journey from junk to the joy found only in Jesus.

I’ll be honored if you’ll join us on the journey, and I’ll deeply value your feedback.


John Crosby

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On a Journey from Junk to Joy


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